Determining Your Unique Constitution
Written by Jyothi Bhatt   
Wednesday, 07 November 2012 21:33



Take the short quiz below to find out your unique body-mind constitution, or prakriti.  Once you know your constitution, you will be empowered to make better decisions about your health.  Give yourself one point for each answer.  At the end, calculate the totals in each column, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  The column with the highest score is the dominant dosha in your prakriti.  The column with the next highest is your secondary dosha and the column with the lowest score is your tertiary dosha.  For example, if you have 6 points in the Vata column and 5 points in the Pitta column, your prakriti is Vata-Pitta. 







I am lean and slender with a small frame.  My joints and veins are prominent.

I have muscular, athletic body that is medium in size.

I am heavy, round, or curvaceous and my joints and muscles are not prominent.


I gain weight with difficulty.

I gain and lose weight easily.

I gain weight easily and lose with difficulty.


I have small, active eyes.

I have penetrating eyes that can be sensitive to light.

I have round eyes with a pleasant gaze.


My skin tends to be rough, dry, and thin.

My skin is reddish, sensitive, and prone to irritation

My skin is smooth, oily, and moist.


My hair is dry and brittle.

My hair is fine and has a tendency towards early graying and thinning.

My hair is thick, strong, and plentiful.


My joints are prominent, and tend to ‘crack’.

My joints are flexible.

My joints are large and surrounded by lots of tissue.


I am active, enthusiastic, and quick.

I am intense, serious, and purposeful.

I am laid back, loving, and supportive.


My appetite fluctuates- sometimes I am very hungry and other times I am not.

My appetite is regular and intense.  When I am hungry, I have to eat.

My appetite is mild- I can skip meals without much discomfort.


I tend to be cold and prefer warmer climates.

I tend to be hot and prefer cooler climates.

I am usually comfortable in any climate, except cold and wet weather.

Stressful Situations

I tend to be anxious and worried.

I tend to be angry and irritable.

I tend to be withdrawn and quiet.


I am a light sleeper and tend to awaken easily.

I have moderately sound sleep.

I sleep deeply and awaken with difficulty.