Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a sister science of Ayurveda, also having thousands of years of history.  It has been widely recognized to increase strength and range of motion, improve flexibility and balance, reduce stress, heart rate, and blood pressure, and help to alleviate the effects of various chronic diseases such as depression, anxiety, pain, sleep disorders, and cancer. 


We specialize in therapeutic yoga, in which specific postures, breathing techniques, and meditation are advised for your individual health concerns.  Generic yoga classes offered at studios and gyms do not take into consideration your individual health concerns.  In fact, certain postures and techniques may actually be promoting imbalance rather than balance in your life.  Call us for an individualized yoga therapy program that hand picks postures, breathing and relaxation techniques that will address your specific health concerns.  We offer individual and small group instruction for cardiac health, diabetes, weight loss, anxiety and depression, back pain, arthritis, digestive disorders, and sleep disorders.